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Confort Extreme Body Cream

Posted On April 5, 2018 at 1:07 pm by / Comments Off on Confort Extreme Body Cream

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Confort Extreme Body Cream

Confort Extreme Body Cream

Reg Price: $155

Our Price: $105

Description: WHAT IT IS: Confort Extreme Body Cream, or Confort Extreme Creme Corps, is a rich, creamy skin care product.

WHAT IT DOES: Rich in plant-based active ingredients, this cream improves the hydration, protection and nourishment of your skin while soothing and softening on contact. It reinforces the functioning of the epidermal barrier, which allows your skin to better protect itself against environmental stresses.

HOW TO USE: Apply using large, circular motions, paying attention to very dry areas such as your elbows, feet and knees. Use as often as needed.

Brand: Sisley

Origin: France

Confort Extreme Body Cream Details:

Color As Picture
Brands Sisley