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Pixel Art Generator

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Pixel Art Generator

Pixel Art Generator, This action pack will allow you to create pixel art from vector shape/graphics or raster image cutout. It works best for graphics, image cutout turning them into pixel perfect effects. The result contains all the layer styles intact so you can easily change the number of colors, the black outline color, etc. The pack also contains a set of pixel brushes that you can use to customize even more the result. This pixel creator is great for making sprites, pixel avatar, 8 bit images, comics, comic book effects and so on. Spriting has never been easier. Pixel Size: 2px, 3px, 4px, 8px, 10px, 12px, 16px Credits for stock images in the preview: http://www.ico

Snow Text Effect / Generator

Snow Text Effect / Generator, Update – December 2015 V1.3 INCLUDED – “How to use the action” Video help file Update – October 2014 V1.2 INCLUDED – 2 new “realistic” style options + 2 more brushes Update – August 2014 V1.1 FIXED – Problem with the english action for Photoshop Snow Text Effect / Generator Here you can download an attractive Text Effect or PSD Action. Write down any word or create a shape/object and run the the PSD Action -> be happy about the result You don´t need any skills with photoshop. You will receive: 1 ABR File (Brushes) 1 ATN File (Action) 1 PAT File (texture) Detailed Help File with instruction how to install and use the action Video Help File which explains, how to use the action and how to receive some stunning results What are the a

Denim Material Generator

Denim Material Generator, DENIM MATERIAL GENERATOR Present your text or shape in denim stitch style. Update – Version 1.2 Bug Fixes Features Two different actions – Two different styles Smart Objects – double click to see all files of final effect Open styles of all layers – so you can experiment with color if you want. Photorealistic effects Includes help files Notice This effect is optimized at 72 dpi, click screenshots to see Skale 1:1 Package – Beauty Mock-ups Package – Food and Drink Mock-ups Package – Miscellaneous Mock-ups Branding / Identity Mock-ups A4 Brochures & Magazines Mock

Pixel Generator

Pixel Generator, Generate Pixels in one click! Item – Pixel Generator | Files Included – ATN, Bonus 4 JPG (3000×3000 pix) & A help text file. ALSO CHECK THESE ACTIONS: ALSO CHECK MONEY SAVER BUNDLE For Other items please check out my portfolio..

ShadowGen: Realistic Shadow Generator

ShadowGen: Realistic Shadow Generator, Pack of actions for create realistic shadows with dynamic blur. 10 directions, editable blur, 3 length of shadow. Work with text, shapes and raster. 30 standart-shadow actions + 8 bonus actions See also: ShadowGen v2:

Easy Watermark Generator

Easy Watermark Generator, See Watermark Samples PACKAGE DETAILS : Package name: Easy Watermark Generator Software version: Photoshop CS5 Copyright: June 10, 2012 Author: Charles Brown Items: – ATN , and PSD files Complexity: Well-labeled ‘ACTION’ operation and easy to modify to suit your need.- Renders 2 parts: FINAL IMAGE and COMPRISING ELEMENTS (TOTAL EDITABLE EFFECTS ) – This action will duplicate the main document before rendering the image effect thereby leaving your main document (design) intact in case you want to modify it and render it again. *EFFECTS CATEGORY : -Generate watermark -Embed watermark -Add border ADDITIONAL INFO : – Protect your premium items – Watermark patterns are 100% vector (s

Special Drop Shadows Generator

Special Drop Shadows Generator, Photoshop Actions: Web Shadows Pack for images and Boxes Watch how this Action works! Video Demo hereWatch how to export one of the shadows as transparent .png for your website: Tested 2016 This very cool set of Actions allows you to create these fantastic shadow effects. Create flaps, page curls, web boxes more easily with great looking realistic shadows! With just one click! Realistic Shadows for Web Boxes and Photos Inside the pack you’ll also find some suggestions and instructions. If you’re a web or graphic designer you must have these Actions! Enjoy! This amazing Photoshop Actions pack allows you to create incredibly cool shadows for your web boxes: warped realistic sh

Isometric Design Generator

Isometric Design Generator, Isometric Design Generator: Isometric graphics are amazing, and now it’s become easy and fun to make your own isometric design using this set of action, it’s very easy to use, you can create anything you need: 3D Objects, Mock-ups, Characters, Icons, Games, Presentations, Infographics, Isometric Maps, Isometric Text, Logos… And so much more! Just think and bring your ideas to life in minutes without any difficulties. Features: 4 directions of isometric view Unlimited depth Extrude Out & In Works with any type of layers Prefect results every time Shadows Infinite grid included Instructions video: Help? Feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions regarding this item and I’ll get back to you as soon as it possible.

Vector Silhouettes Generator

Vector Silhouettes Generator, Change any picture or photo into vector silhouettes easily using Photoshop only Vector Silhouettes Generator will save your time by changing any bitmap: picture, drawing or photo into vector silhouettes with just a few clicks. Works with any image size. Tested successfully in Photoshop CS2 and up (CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC 2014, CC 2015). If you intend to use the silhouette outside of Photoshop, export it as EPS file. Please note that some aditional editing (removement of bitmap fills) in external software, such as Illustrator, may be required to get a pure vector file. Package includes: ATN file with set of 6 actions for quick vector silhouettes creation short instructions file Any comments, suggestions and rating are highl

Mandala Generator PRO

Mandala Generator PRO, Mandala Generator PRO is a tool for Illustrator that lets you to create pixel perfect mandala with ease. A mandala is a complex abstract design that is usually circular in form and can contain both geometric and organic forms. With this tool you can create unlimited mandala designs simply choosing from 70 premade patterns and combine them using your creativity! Very easy and fun to play with, Mandala Generator PRO do not need any skills from you. Just install the tool and play! Inside the package 1 Illustrator Template file, 1 Illustrator Actions file and 1 User Guide All you need is Adobe Illustrator No additional programs to install. Once these Actions are loaded, they will remain in Illustrator until you remove them (if you ever

Window Generator

Window Generator, How to install .jsx and .jsxbin files Action Features Works with Photoshop CS4 – CC both for Windows and OS X 10 premade colors Well organized layers on final results 3 glare types for window 5 different grilles Ability to make your own grilles Well documented – Help.pdf file What’s inside the package? .ATN – the set of all actions you need .ASL – file with styles that needed for action .JSX – core programm Documentation.PDF Support Hello, my dear customers! If you have any difficulties or questions regarding my products then please contact me through the Contact Form on my profile page and I’ll get back to you as soon as it possible. I am always glad to help and

Digital Camouflage Generator

Digital Camouflage Generator, What you get? 5 Digital camo actions20 real camo color schemes10 fabric texture examplesLink to the help video provided1 hi-res PSD fabric mockup (3000×2000px)Smart Object feature usedWell organized layersCS3 and above versions support Do you want to create unique camouflage pattern at one click? No problem! Here is Digital Camouflage Generator that allows to create infinite numbers of nonrepeatable military style patterns 1000×1000px each. Just install actions, gradients and fabric patterns and you can start generate your camouflage. Also you can use mockup file to create a realisctic view of the generated camouflage images. You can use it different way in a military games, army posters, war sites, combat backgrounds, themes and other s

Chalkboard Generator: Action + Layer Styles

Chalkboard Generator: Action + Layer Styles, Chalkboard Generator Action Overview: The fastest way to make your own chalkboard with one single click. You just need to click PLAY, set the canvas dimensions, set the Inner and Outer frame size and it´s done. This item also comes with 30 extra actions to make your main shape/text/raster have a chalk writing look. Choose between 6 colors, or make your own easily. Right afer you finished your chalkboard + figure (less than 2 minutes, really) you can play with many ready-made elements to give your chalkboard a unique look. I´ve also included 12 layer styles to play around, a complete “chalk” color scheme and 4 chalk brushes presets to make your own drawings with the brush tool. The download includes: ATN file with: 1 Chalkboard generator ac

Rubber Stamp Generator Photoshop Action

Rubber Stamp Generator Photoshop Action, Rubber stamp generator Photoshop action by psddude – allows you to create a rubber stamp from any text, shape or even photo. You can create stamps with various messages, logos or the face of your favourite music artist. This action is a 2-click action and all you have to do is: click once to run it and a template will be created for you and then add your text, logo or photo for the center of the stamp. Click a second time to resume the action and complete the stamp. The result is fully customizable as all the layers are left intact and even more the action will generate smart objects so the customization possibilities are maximized. This action comes with a detailed help file which describes how you can install the action,

QR Code generator for Photoshop

QR Code generator for Photoshop, Generate QR codes in a few seconds directly in Adobe Photoshop. A WELL-ORGANIZED RESULT BATCH PROCESSING CAPABILITY ERROR CORRECTION FEATURE UTF-8 SUPPORT ENCODING ANY CONTENT TYPE 40 VERSIONS OF QR CODE WHAT’S INCLUDED? .jsx file (Script for Adobe Photoshop) Documentation folder FINAL RESULT As its final result the script returns vector QR Code in new document. And thanks to ECC Feature 30% of the QR Code space can be occupied by your logo or picture. EXAMPLES OF USING QR CODE Simple text: Hello world! Url: or simply Contact info (recommended): MECARD:N:Owen,Sean;ADR:76 9th Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10011;TEL:12125551212;EMAI

World 3D Map Generator

World 3D Map Generator, YOU MAY ALSO LIKE THIS PREVIEW PACKAGE DETAILS: Package name: World 3D Map Generator – Premium Bundle Software version: Photoshop CS5 Copyright: Jan. 19, 2011 Author: Charles Brown Items: – ATN file – PAT file – PSD files – and PNG files Complexity: Well-labeled ‘ACTION’ operation and easy to modify to suit your need. – Renders 2 parts: FINAL IMAGE and COMPRISING ELEMENTS (TOTAL EDITABLE EFFECTS) – This action will duplicate the main document before rendering the image effect thereby leaving your main document (design) intact in case you want to modify it and render it again. 3D MAP EFFECTS CATEGORY: -Territory – Front view -Territory – Right Perspective 1 -Terri

Bundle – Dimensions – 3D Generator Action

Bundle – Dimensions – 3D Generator Action, This bundle contains this items The Photoshop Action ‘Dimensions’, helps you to generate whatever you want (text, image, shape, etc,) in 3D. Dimensions on Video Dimensions’ Features Variety of directions: 9 directions ready to use. Different Depths: 10 depths ready to use. Shadows: 2 types of shadows are available. Multidirectional shadow and Underneath shadow. Easy to change: The changes could be done by ‘Smart Object’ and the light by ‘Global Light’ box. Works with everything: Any color, text, shape, image, no matter what it is, ‘Dimensions’ works with everything. Includes Basic styles: Basic Style, Part Shadow Style, Front Metalic Style, Background Metalic Style, Black B

LED Generator

LED Generator, General File Information: LED Generator is a Photoshop action to help you create LED Buttons, Texts and Custom Shapes with just ONE Click! Elements Includes: 1. one photoshop action file: LedGenerator.atn 2. one photoshop style file: LedGenerator.asl 3. one template PSD file: LED Generator Template.psd 4. one Bonus Elements PSD file: Led Generator Bonus Elements.psd 5. one instruction document Best Font Work With: Impact ( you can try any other Bold Fonts as you wish! )

Advanced 3D Generator

Advanced 3D Generator, Create your advanced 3D objects with Advanced 3D Generator. There’s no need to lose time with the sophisticated and difficult to use 3D tools available only in Photoshop Extended. Advanced 3D Generator is simple to use and results can be easily customized. Choose one of the two scenes (Photoshop documents) corresponding to the front view and the 45 degree tilt view. Paste your text, shape or transparent image inside the smart layer. Change the Global light to reposition the shadows on the 3D object as you wish. Apply the the half height or the normal height action and that’s all! Text Effects you might like 3D Tools you might like Other

Glam – 40 Glow Generator Actions

Glam – 40 Glow Generator Actions, Glam the Glow Generator 3D Titles in preview image created with Real3D Logos&Text: Add instant glows to your images! This download comes with 40 actions with various glow positions and colors. Each action neatly puts all the layers into a color coded folder ready for you to experiment with, you have full control over the position, color, scale and blend mode of each layer. Add some stunning finishing touches to your designs and photos! Video tutorial: Please note that these actions will only work under RBG color mode Take your Glam results…. then take it to the next level:

Realistic Grass Effect / Generator

Realistic Grass Effect / Generator, Update – August 2014 V1.1 FIXED – Problem with the English Action for Photoshop Realistic Grass Effect / Generator Here you can download an attractive Text Effect or PSD Action. Write down any word or create a shape/object where you want to apply the effect and run the the PSD Action -> be happy about the result You don´t need any skills with photoshop. You will receive: 1 ABR File (Brushes) 1 ATN File (Action) 1 ASL File (3 different style options) 1 PAT File (texture) Detailed Help File with instruction how to install and use the action What are the advantages of this template? Have your own text/object/shape in a cool and realistic looking grass style. It takes only a click and you can be happy about the result. The action com

Favicon Generator – Action

Favicon Generator – Action, font used for Image Preview is Venderburg [Download Link] What are favicons? Favicons are small icon files that are displayed next to the URL of your site in a browser’s address bar. Additionally they’re often displayed next to the name of your site in a user’s list of open tabs and bookmark listings making it easier for the user to quickly identify amongst other sites. Features Help file included on how to load Action into Photoshop with PDF format! Help file included on how to use Favicon Generator with PDF format! But not only that!!!, this action also you can use to create an icon on your computer, not only to the extent favicon Get It NOW!!! You may also like my TUMBLR Theme themeforest item Mikovic – Masonry With Dr

Isometric Screen Generator

Isometric Screen Generator, Isometric Screen Generator Action Features: Total 15 Styles Easy to Run Auto Thickness Layer Auto Shadow 2500×2000 Pixels output Customizable PSD file Suitable for any webpage Photoshop CS5, CS6 & CC required Only supported by English version Photoshop Very Easy to Run : Simply place your web page screenshot in the smart object layer in the given PSD file (Paste Screenshot & Run Action). Then run the action. Similar Items: Website Mock-Up Bundle 80 Flat Responsive Devices Multipurpose Mock-Up Web Page Mock-Up Bundle V1 Dektop Website Mock-Up V1 Perspective Web Screen Mock-Up 02 Perspective Web Screen Mock-Up 01 3D Web Page Presentation Mock-Up V3 Perspecti

3D Pixel Art Generation

3D Pixel Art Generation, This action pack will allow you to create pixel art, 2d &3d from everything. to 8 bit game design. easy to use with one click action, never been easier !

Stain Photoshop Action Generator

Stain Photoshop Action Generator, 6 IN 1 Stain Photoshop Action Generator PACKAGE DETAILS: Stain Photoshop Action Generator Tested and working with Photoshop CS and CC, all language versions Requirements: RGB color, 8 bit, 72 DPI recommended Easy to Edit and Customize Fully customizable Little Photoshop Skills Required created by PSDDude This action pack will allow you to create different stain effects like coffee stain wine stain paint stain colors stain ink stain watercolor stain blood stain You can use it on any text, vector shape, graphic, photo or raster image cutout. It works best for everything, including shapes and silhouettes, turning them into stains with different effects. The result contains the layer styles intact so you can easily change the color

LED Dot Screen Effect Generator

LED Dot Screen Effect Generator, Everything you need to turn any graphics into an exciting image with LED Dot Screen effect in seconds! Generator action works on any size and contains three different sizes of LED dots (Large, Medium, Small). Adding LED effect can be done in two ways – through Action or by inserting your own image into Smart Object layer inside submitted PSD file. Using action allows you to apply the effect to any image of any size! Includes detailed instructions, patterns, actions and fully layered PSD file. If you have Photoshop CS1 or older, it is possible to provide a version of Generator that doesn’t use Smart objects. Don’t forget to rate!

3D Cinematic Text Generator – Actions

3D Cinematic Text Generator – Actions, 3D Cinematic Text Effect Generator – Actions New Generation of ATN Photoshop Actions are perfect for any kind of your project. If You like these Actions, check also other 3D Text Actions 3D Cinematic Text Effect Generator – Actions 5 Different Text Effect Actions to choose from 6 Different Directions for all 3D Text Effects Works with many fonts in different font sizes 5 ATN Files – one for each 3D Text Effect 1 PAT File – with used pattern All Text Effects can be customized after the Action is Played In Lolipop Action – there is a Color changing layer included for fast Color customization Works perfect with any shape or text 3D Cinematic Text Effect Generator – Actions 5 ATN files with 30 Actions file with info

Seamless Patterns Generator I

Seamless Patterns Generator I, Change any shape into 15 seamless patterns automatically Seamless Patterns Generator will save your time by changing any shape into above 15 seamless patterns with just one click. Works with any image size. Tested successfully in Photoshop CS2 and up. Package includes: ATN file with set of 15 actions for quick seamless patterns creation short instructions file This is volume I of my Seamless Patterns Generators. Check out other files: Seamless Patterns Generator vol. II Seamless Patterns Generator vol. III Any comments, suggestions and rating are highly welcome. I’ll appreciate it very much. Thank you, enjoy!

SketchMe Photo to Sketch Generator

SketchMe Photo to Sketch Generator, This actions set allows you to create realistic sketches from photographs. The results are comprised from several layers of real pencil shading for ultimate realism. What is inside? 2 .PSD files 1 .ATN set 1 Instructions file Features Fast, easy, realistic 4 types No generic Photoshop filters. No work after necessary Based off real sketches and shading Thank you

Scicors Cut Lines Generator

Scicors Cut Lines Generator, Item Featured Scicors Cut Lines Generator is action that makes a line or shape into Scicors Cut Lines. PNG to Cut Line Font to cut lines Sticker (Bonus) Path to cut lines You may also like my TUMBLR Theme themeforest item Mikovic – Masonry With Drag And Drop Tumblr Theme Gifta – Flat Long Shadow Tumblr Theme