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400+ Icon Generator

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400+ Icon Generator

400+ Icon Generator, 400+ Icon Generator Crisp, high resolution icons with fully editable 3D-effect Smart Object content. Generate it in seconds! The .PSD contains 20 high resolution, realistic icon renders and 20 predefined Smart Object styles to combine with. 20 icons included! Resolution: 706×708px 12 vibrant colors Black & white 3 high quality wood textures Gold, silver and copper textures 20 Smart Object styles included: 12 vibrant colors Black & white 3 high quality wood textures Gold, silver and copper textures Features: 400 combination possibilities + your own colors High resolution, crisp graphics, good for scaling Optional icon-shadow and background Video-tutorial with voice over included Easy to use, whole pack i

Easy Map Generator

Easy Map Generator, Easy Map Generator basen on smart objects allows You to create your own shaped map with water, roads, environment elements etc. Add sun light, nice gradient background and thats it. Photoshop file + pattern. 1200×1200 artboard with 1200×1200 smart object for map, water and roads. Additional objects shown above are 1:1 as shown. Help file included. Let me know if You have any questions, tahnks!

Hole Punch Generator

Hole Punch Generator, [UPDATE VERSION 1.2]+ Perfectly cut edges trim function. + Minitutor more simple This action (.atn) function is like trim function. With press your image , you can make badges , make a shape, web elements, etc. It’s easy and fantastic !Items Included : // Action(.atn) // Readme.txt(Included Fontlink) // minitutor.jpg Graphic River : Contact person: Thankyou ::.

Blueprint Generator for Illustrator

Blueprint Generator for Illustrator, This is a pack of four amazing graphic styles with which you can transform any text or shape into cool blueprint. One style is for generating blueprint board and other three styles are for applying blueprint effect to your text/shape. You can apply these styles with just one click. All styles are fully vector so you can change size without losing quality. Files included: (i) 1 Adobe Illustrator(.ai) file with all the styles (ii) Help file(Read me.pdf) Font used: Oldsansblack (

MonsterFarm – Random Doodle Generator

MonsterFarm – Random Doodle Generator, There are 4 actions in this pack, using them you can; Generate cute, happy, silly, angry random monsters with only one click. MonsterFarm actions randomly pick body, arms, mouth and eyes from a total of 52 parts and creates a monster with only one click. You can mass generate any number of monsters into a folder in JPEG format with only one click. You can create A4 monster sheets with onle click Each Monster is created with a genetic code number and you can create a variation of a specific monster by entering the code. The free font used can be downloaded here:

Retro Futuristic Generator

Retro Futuristic Generator, Make beautiful retro texts/shapes with a few clicks. This photoshop generator will give to your texts/shapes a realistic retro-futuristic look. INCLUDES – Generator.psd that you will use to create the retro-futuristic fx. – Elements (folder) contains Noise Effects to add to your compositions. – Flares (folder) contains 3 beautiful futuristic flares. FONTS – Astera (FREE) – Digital 7 (FREE)

Premium Flag Wave Generator

Premium Flag Wave Generator, PACKAGE DETAILS : Package name: Premium flag wave generator Software version: Photoshop CS5 Copyright: June 14, 2012 Author: Charles Brown Items: – ATN and PNG file Complexity: Well-labeled ‘ACTION’ operation and easy to modify to suit your need. – Renders 2 parts: FINAL IMAGE and COMPRISING ELEMENTS (TOTAL EDITABLE EFFECTS ) – This action will duplicate the main document before rendering the image effect thereby leaving your main document (design) intact in case you want to modify it and render it again. *PACKAGE FEATURES : -10 Pro flag wave generator -40 flag samples ITEM QUALITY : – Superior silk light, depth, and shine effects – Vibrant result – Totally unique and outstanding

Snow And Sand Effect Generator

Snow And Sand Effect Generator, Hi! This is Snow and Sand Photoshop Action. Here you will find 8 different actions for creating 8 different styles – 4 for snow and 4 for sand. It works with Raster, Text and Shapes. Just install brushes, patterns and actions into Photoshop and use it! Best resolution is 1000-2000 px

3D Plastic Generator Action

3D Plastic Generator Action, 3D Plastic generator action Variety of directions: 9 directions ready to use. Different Depths: 10 depths ready to use. Free hand & auto 3D transform Easy to change: The changes could be done by “Smart Object”. Works with everything: Any color,pattern text, shape, image… Works with Stroke. Includes basic styles.

Zero Dollar Face Generator

Zero Dollar Face Generator, Zero Dollar Face Generator, this tool puts your face on a zero dollar bill with quick and easy steps. It can be use in many application. About the the file? Zero Dollor Generator EditableEasy to use Help included Whats in the file 1X PSD Photoshop file 1X Action File 1X Help File Whats in the file Font list included in the help file Preview Image source

Honey Text Effect / Generator

Honey Text Effect / Generator, Honey Text Effect / Generator Here you can download an attractive Text Effect or PSD Action. Write down any word or create a shape/object and run the the PSD Action -> be happy about the result You don´t need any skills with photoshop. You will receive: 1 ATN File (Action) 1 PAT File (texture) Detailed Help File with instruction how to install and use the action What are the advantages of this template? Have your own text in a cool and realistic looking honey style. It takes only a click and you can be happy about the result. You have the opportunity to choose one of 2 different styles. Have your unique liquid area (instructions are in the help file) Support & Social If you have a question or a support request go to my profile

Stained Glass Window Generator

Stained Glass Window Generator, Use a photo, logo, vector shape etc to create a stained glass window mock up. 3 Types of window are available: Square, Tall & Landscape, with 5 different leading shape styles & patterns for your windows. You can also make changes after the window is created: Features: Change the main window leading pattern & colours Change the artwork border leading frame shape Adjust levels, colour balance etc. The item is well documented with illustrated PDF help file Includes: 1 ATN action file with 15 window actions & 5 adjustment actions 1 CSH shape file with 5 different window leading designs 1 PAT file with 5 glass colour patterns 1 PDF file with full instructions Check out more of Jipito’s stuff:

Fairy Light Generator Actions

Fairy Light Generator Actions, The Fairy Light Action converts Illustrator objects into Christmas lights at the touch of a button! It uses a mixture of scatter and pattern brushes to give a finished result which doesn’t warp. Suitable for web or graphic design (posters, brochures, magazines, catalogues, cards, invites, flyers), particularly banners and borders. The download also contains all of the objects that are shown in the preview image, back-saved to CS (in six colours). Instructions included.

Photorealistic Grassy Ground Generator

Photorealistic Grassy Ground Generator, Generate awesome high resolution photorealistic ground textured text complete with popping out grass! Customize where the grassy areas are! Unbelievably simple instructions: Load the Photoshop pattern, action set and brush files Edit the smart object for your text or shapes Add/Remove/Modify shapes in the “grass locator” layer Play the action! Short video tutorial: Included in the package: 1 pattern file .pat 1 brush file .abr 1 action set file .atn 1 Photoshop file .psd (a guide is shown in the file) 1 help.txt Important: edit the “GRASS LOCATION” layer for more control on which areas of your text the grass will be placed on. Add/modify shapes to this layer. Shapes that overlap with th

Print Layout Generator

Print Layout Generator, Print Layout Generator is a system designed to make the layout creation in Photoshop as streamlined as possible. Instead of creating a small number of premade layouts, PLG helps you create your own customized layouts. PLG includes 99 actions that you can mix and match to obtain and generate hundreds of layouts in just a few clicks. In addition to that, PLG also includes 24 actions designed to speed up even further the layout creation. Package contents: psd file 123 actions professional pdf manual catalog of the results of the actions in png format PLG is a system for layout design composed of a psd file and 123 atn actions. The actions are designed to be played in the psd file. The psd file is an A4 document (8.268×11.693 in

3D Text Generator

3D Text Generator, Simple to use 3d Text Generator. You can use one of 5 styles provided to obtain the best result for you. The styles included are : Metal, Silver and 3 Gold Variations. Smart Object Used. 2000×1000px format 72 dpi RGB Enjoy!

Android Assets Generator

Android Assets Generator, Description Android Assets Generator is a great tool that saves you a lot of time. If you are android developer or UI designer and faces a difficulty to create high quality icons that follows Android Icons Design Guidelines rules, so welcome aboard, you’ve finally reached the final solution to generate all your icons at once, with only few clicks. Android Assets Generator helps you to automatically resize and save your files with no fear about the full/content sizes for each icon section or the different resolutions the android requires (XXHDPI, XHDPI, HDPI, MDPI, LDPI) Design your icon in one of Android Assets Generator Templates then apply the corresponding action. You’ll have your icon generated in all resolutions and in the

Realistic Hand Draw Generator Action Set

Realistic Hand Draw Generator Action Set, Realistic Hand Draw Generator Action Set This Action creates a very realistic and not photo like freehand sketches, paints, charcoal graphics, onto separated layers and placed into folders. Each styles are variable with each others. All results will generated by 1 single click No needs for additional handwork, or post manual drawing. You can use this action for text, photo, or even vector graphics. Results will be looks like an imprecise copy but not the usual photoshop effects. NO TRICKS , NO ADDITIONAL HANDMADE DRAWING ON ANY PREVIEW IMAGE Files Included: 1 Set Actions > .ATN File 1 Set Patterns > .PAT File 1 PS Work file > .PSD File 1 PDF > Help File Detailed Explanation and Troubleshooting for this Action To

3D Frame Generator – Full 3D

3D Frame Generator – Full 3D, Check out some sample screenshots: If you’re looking for more flexibility to choose the best pieces for your design, this is exclusively created to meet your needs. 3D Frames Generator uses Photoshop 3D features to deliver a modern type of 3D web page display to boost your portfolio presentation or blog showcase. You can place your arts on 3D frames and then rotate, roll and slide them all in 3D. This pack Includes: .psd file containing blank frames. .atn file containing an action which converts 2D to 3D. .pdf file containing an extensive visual guide. Note: You need Extended version of Photoshop CS4 or CS5 to work with this item Other Items you might also like:

Grapulo’s 3D Badge Generator

Grapulo’s 3D Badge Generator, Grapulo’s 3D Badge Generator – Easy badge change – Removable background – Size: 2000×2000 px / 72 dpi / RGB Mode. Note: Instructions included. Rate it if you like it!

3d Terrain Generator

3d Terrain Generator, Convert any shape in 3D form with realistic textures of earth layers. No settings and actions! Just insert your shape to a smart object. For your web, print, infographics or any other design project. Package includes: Smart objected .PSD file .PAT file with 8 2000×2000px relistic textures Help file included Add natural depth!

Infinite Calendar – Calendar Generator For All Years

Infinite Calendar – Calendar Generator For All Years, InfiniteCalendar lets you create calendars for all years. You can chose to generate a ‘year at aglance’ one page calendars or 6/12 page monthly calendar designs. You can also use generated svg vector calendars in your own calendar designs. Links to fonts used in the templates are listed in the documentaion with download links

15 Watermark Patterns Generator

15 Watermark Patterns Generator, See how to use this watermark generator in Adobe Photoshop Artists need to protect their works, and with this easy and straightforward method you can now do so. This is the perfect tool to add to your art box. This BUNDLE comes with 15 different watermark styles in one PSD file. I am always using watermarks to add over my own work before sending the files over to the clients. It’s a great way for people to see your work, without having to worry about copyright issues. What are the advantages of my watermark generator? : You can apply these watermark patterns in ANY SIZES of your works. This watermarks will work on both light and dark background You can set your own opacity value You can set your own logo into every patterns

Seamless Patterns Generator III

Seamless Patterns Generator III, Change any shape into 15 seamless patterns automatically Seamless Patterns Generator III will save your time by changing any shape into above 15 seamless patterns with just one click. Works with any image size. Tested successfully in Photoshop CS2 and up. Package includes: ATN file with set of 15 actions for quick seamless patterns creation short instructions file This is volume III of my Seamless Patterns Generators. Check out other files: Seamless Patterns Generator vol. I Seamless Patterns Generator vol. II Any comments, suggestions and rating are highly welcome. I’ll appreciate it very much. Thank you, enjoy!

Architectural Blue Print Generator Action

Architectural Blue Print Generator Action, Architectural Blue Print Generator Action These actions are designed to give your photo a premium look.Easy to use. It is tested in Adobe Photoshop version CS3 and above.(English version) I recommend you to use it in a high-resolution image to get the best output. If you don’t know how to change language in adobe photoshop, then please click here In the pack You will find….. 15 atn file containing all the actions. Help file on how to install actions Images used in the preview is not included Please see this video if you stack in how to install and use actions

QR Code generator for Sketch

QR Code generator for Sketch, This plugin for “Bohemian Coding Sketch” is generating Qr Codes with different error correction level. Raising this level improves error correction capability, but also increases the size of QR Code. The default value of matrix size is 21×21, but it can be increased if encoded text is too large. The default ECC level is 4 which means that 30% of codewords can be restored (codeword is a unit that constructs the data area. One codeword of QR Code is equal to 8 bits). As its final result the script returns vector QR Code in the new artboard. And thanks to ECC Feature 30% of the QR Code space can be occupied by your logo or picture. Examples of using QR Codes Just put any of this code into dialog window: Simple

Generator of Textures

Generator of Textures, Generator of Textures Texture generator for Photoshop, generates a texture from scratch Instruction:

3D Graph Bars Generator

3D Graph Bars Generator, Create beautiful 3D graph bars with just few clicks. Included 2 PSD files, one to generate graph bars and one with already generated 20 different size bars all bars are resizable and easy to change colors. One ATN file with 20 different size actions inside. One ASL file with 3 styles inside one for body layers one for top layer and one for bottom layer, you can create your own styles to make different graph bars. Also I included all 20 bars in separate folder ready to use PNG images and Help file. If you have any questions you can feel free to contact me, contact info inside help file, support for this file is free. Files Included 2 PSD files 1 ATN file 1 ASL file 20 PNG files Help PDF file Watch Video Preview Relate

3D Map Generator – Urban Action

3D Map Generator – Urban Action, Do you wish to see how it works? Freely download a comprehensive tutorial of this awesome bundle properly prepared by Charles Brown. See how it works -very easy and highly useful. Save the money you would have paid other professionals. Adobe Photoshop CS3 , CS4, CS5 , CS6, N/A “Create an outstanding 3D Map of any real-life city with just ONE -CLICK.” Bundle includes a comprehensive STEP by STEP guild lines(tutorial). YOU MAY ALSO LIKE THIS PREVIEW PACKAGE DETAILS : Package name: 3D Map Generator – Urban Action Software version: Photoshop CS5 Copyright: April 23, 2012 Author: Charles Brown Items: – ATN file – PAT file – PSD files – ABR file – ASL file – and PN

SmartIcon – 3D Icon Generator – Panel and Actions

SmartIcon – 3D Icon Generator – Panel and Actions, Please note: The generated icons are NOT isometric and does NOT fit the new “3D Map Generator 2 – Isometric” and other new isometric Generators! SmartIcon – 3D Icon Generator – Photoshop Panel and Actions Photoshop Panel for CS5, CS6 and CC (until 14.2x) – additional for CS3 and later as Actions Set With this SmartIcon – Icon Generator – 3DM you are able to create 3D icons from vector shapes, text layers or images in minutes! The results definitely fit on EVERY original 3D Map maps. And the best of all: You don‘t have to be a pro to get professional results. Individualize your 3D Maps – everything is possible! Generate 3D icons from your 2D base shape in 3 different perspec- tives: right – frontal – left. Select from 4 styles and 5 diff